Cathy Sparks Owner and Designer of Penny Jane Designs

 Hi, everyone! My name is Cathy, and welcome to Penny Jane Designs - I’m happy you’re here!  

Design in general has always been a huge passion of mine - I find so much joy in being able to beautify a space with uplifting print and design work, and it started with a desire to turn my own living spaces into actual homes for my husband and I. I say living ‘spaces,’ because during my first nine years of marriage, my husband and I moved ten times! Yep, ten. Between grad school, law school, work, and even a little bit of fun, we were a little nomadic for those first few years. It’s not to say we didn’t live in nice places, but somehow we always knew they were temporary for us, and it made it somewhat difficult to make these spaces really feel like a ‘home.’ Well, needless to say, I wasn’t a fan of that feeling. 

In order to add warm touches to wherever I lived, I would scour every inspirational store I could think of; Target, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and even thrift stores in a search to find something unique and uplifting, but everything I found somehow just seemed very impersonal, and not at all unique to me, or the type of decor that reflected our personalities. 

This may sound strange, but my inspiration to start designing my own uplifting prints actually came after visiting the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC. There was a temporary exhibit being showcased at the time depicting the deception of nazi propaganda. While it may not be the first thing you think of when you look at Penny Jane Designs, this exhibit inspired me to use my love for design to create something powerfully positive and uplifting. If simple design work and propaganda from that era could ‘inspire’ people in such a negative way, I knew beautiful imagery, words of hope and inspiration, and uplifting messages could sure inspire people to live positive lives today. 

I began working on pieces with messages meant to beautify the home, and to make people smile. I was quickly encouraged by my friends to grow what I was doing, and needless to say, I was excited to share my work with the world in hopes of spreading beauty and positivity. After I created an Etsy shop in 2010, I’ve never looked back. I feel so blessed to be able to do what I do every single day - that passion hasn’t died down at all, and I love adding inspiration into people’s lives with uplifting works. Thank you for taking the time to check out Penny Jane Designs!

Live Inspired!