Make a Unique Nursery Décor Statement!

Make a Unique Nursery Décor Statement!

Black and Gold Nursery Design Theme Ideas

Nursery décor ideas and statements have come a long way! Today people want unique and creative ideas rather than boring and mundane ones. Gone are the days of powder blue rooms for boys and baby pink for girls! Now it’s more about a classic look that reflects the personality of the parents while creating a charming and mystical look for the baby. Nursery décor ideas range from minimalistic to flamboyant, from colorful to color schemes and from understated to over the top!

 Black and gold are probably the two most powerful colors that compliment every other color and being independently mesmerizing too. Both these colors have the advantage of being neutral yet significant! Black and gold theme for nursery décor has come up in a big way owing to the versatility and power they bring to any space. These compliment the other rooms and spaces in the house while also looking extremely cute and perfect for a nursery. You can make a cute and unique statement with black and gold elements adding personality and element to your nursery.

 Penny Jane designs believes in creating unique art work that speaks a thousand words! Every creation is made keeping in mind the need to reflect character and creativity. The unique collection of black and gold themed art work for nursery décor has received an immensely positive response. These have been well appreciated for the cute and vibrant effect they add to a nursery and stand out as statement pieces.

 If you are looking for nursery décor ideas, go the black and gold way and make it a charming personal space for your little one. You can browse through and choose from numerous available art work pieces at and make your nursery a beautiful space for your baby and your home.

 Some of the benefits of a black and gold themed nursery décor include:

  • A perfect compliment for every other color you may want to add to the room
  • A significant statement that stands out and adds character to the nursery
  • Neutral colors perfect for both boys and girls.
  • A charming and mesmerizing visual effect
  • A unique look that is far from boring and monotonous

 Black and gold theme for nursery décor is definitely a raging trend and will continue to be highly popular. It’s all about the strength of black mixed with the charm of gold that makes it so special and delightful!

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Life is Beautiful! Printable Design Freebie

Life is Beautiful! Printable Design Freebie

Remember this freebie? It's available again to download because life really is beautiful!
Print it, look at it, be positive, spread goodness, and be inspired!
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Gold and Glitter Design Examples

Here are some of my designs printed from my home computer with a Canon Pixma printer on photo paper. All of my gold and glitter designs are basically a photograph of gold or glitter. As long as you print them like a photo, they will look exactly as they show in my listing photos. I hope this helps!


February 16, 2015 by Catherine Sparks

Gold Closeup

Here are a few close ups of gold designs printed from my home computer on photo paper. These picture are taken from my phone and unedited. Sadly they are a little on the dark side and the actual prints are a little lighter than this. I will try to get better pictures soon!



February 07, 2015 by Catherine Sparks